27 de Enero del 2018

7ª Edición de la cita tecnológica anual más esperada en Bilbao

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Franziska Sauerwein

Franziska Sauerwein

Director at Craftpassion Ltd

Franzi has worked as a software developer and consultant for about five years in Germany, London and Zurich. Their passions include Test Driven Development, Refactoring, XP techniques and high-quality software development. They are always trying to improve their skills and share knowledge. Franzi uses their skills and creativity to develop software that is reliable, easy to adapt and does what it is supposed to do. As an active member of the European Software Craft community, they love to participate in unconferences. They co-founded and co-organise Queer Code London, organise European Testing Conference and speak at conferences all over Europe. They love running code retreats, open spaces and workshops.

Su charla

Refactoring Mount Doom - Tackling Legacy Code

A lot of us are familiar with that nightmare where you are trying to get to your destination, and keeping moving, trying different things, but for various reasons, you never arrive.
Some refactorings are like that - you extract methods, name constants, increase readability… In short, you spend a lot of time cleaning up - but you never get to a good place with the code. In this talk, I will show you how to refactor for the right reasons and the right methods to use your time efficiently. Let’s make working with that code easier in the future.